Who are we

We are a software services company which specializes in fast prototyping and coming up with version 1.0 for business ideas. If you have an idea then we have a team to bring it to life. Our strength lies in quick understanding on specifications and coming up with execution plan to get it developed with in shortest time span and within reasonable cost.

         Each business idea has its own set of requirements and needs a specific execution plan. We realize this need and provide tailor made solution for your business. Our step by step execution process makes sure that your product's v1.0 comes out as soon as possible, so that you get maximum time to get it stress tested and analyzed before taking it into production.

      From e-commerce to e-business portals, from web applications to mobile applications for android based devices we cover wide spectrum. Your idea is safe with us. To get in touch with us    click here
Fast Prototyping

Prototyping is the first step of bringing an idea to life. While the idea is lying in the conception and planning phase there are lot of "what if" that either remain unanswered or they dont surface up at all.

Feasibility analysis
Protyping stage brings those technical and practical issues on surface which might have gone unnoticed earlier at planning phase.    read more

Feature Analysis
With prototype developed, while some of the features initially planned take shape the other are present as place holders.    read more

Cost and timeline prediction
The initial development cycle cost and time invested gives out fair assessment of work involved in fully functional product.    read more
UI Design

How the product interfaces sometimes determine its success and failure.We at ServeSilicon, help you in creating the right UI for your application.

Interface Designing
The first step is to propose an interface design. The focus is on the over all usability of the application - and to look good !    read more

Working on all the aspects and modes and coming up with exhaustive wire frames for each functionality, makes sure that we understand your needs correctly.    read more

UI development
Once the design and wire frames cycles are over, the development cycle starts. Depending on product requirements a technology is chosen.    read more
Smart Phone Application Development

Interface Designing
With global trends indicating a sharp increase in Smartphones sales, the market for mobile application has risen to a different level over last few years. While its a good sign for ISVs targeting the mobile application space it also means that there a steep increase in competition.

Android as platform
Out of several platforms available we bring our focus and expertize in Android-based devices. We develop new applications in JAVA for Android on any platform - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Apart from developing new applications we also port and optimize libraries for different targets. From doing the initial design and development to full stress testing and performance testing we provide complete solution services.    read more
Who would like to work with us

If you have an idea and you need help in getting it developed or designed then you would like to work with us. To put simply, you would want to talk to us if you are :

ISV - Independent Software Vendor
In need of getting the product's first prototype ready or getting a full product developed. We offer a balanced pricing model to meet your requirements. We work with you in getting your product into shape.

Looking for a team till you have your own team. We offer fast prototyping in reasonable budget.

Small to large scale setup
If your vision is on focussing on certain aspects of your products and getting development and designing aspects outsourced.We take care of product design and development, while you can focus on your core business.