ISV Product Development

Every software product starts its cycle with conception of a product idea. Then follows lot of planning, analysis and detailed reporting. Getting the first version out of the product is critical - both in terms of time line and quality.

For start up companies this could be the make or break getting the right funding - the very difference between success and failure. Even established companies are under incredible pressure to make sure that the product meets up with the company brand and value. Simply put a failed product release is not an option.

We at ServeSilicon understand this importance and offer product engineering services that will make sure a successfull product launch and would sustain all the pressure to perform.

During the product development phase there are critical aspects :

Know your market

Most of the successful product launches are successful because the product exactly meets what its market wants. As a product owner you would want to factor in all the challenges and dependencies involved in product development. Knowing your market would mean not only which market segment you want to cater to but also the market in which your product will take shape and live. The cost of licensing, channel partner dependencies and deployment issues should be considered before start to work on development of a product.

We at ServeSilicon believe that different products have different requirements and provide such product engineering which best suits your product and its market.

Clear specifications

Getting clear on requirements and functionalities is absolutely critical for a quick and stable launch. We work with you in getting the feature set frozen at the start of the cycle. Depending on the requirements, the functionalities are prioritized and eventually set for development. The focus is always that its should appeal to the market and even a first time user should be comfortable in using the product.

The process flow with our development team ensures : - Necessary documentation - Clear and accurate specification for development - User friendly interface - Consistent messaging across application

Quick prototyping

The sooner the first prototype can be release the sooner will the analysis begin for its feasibility and stability. Even before making the v1.0 launch, the product would need refinement and strengthening. We work towards achieving that goal of first release so that you can have that version 1.0 launch on time.
- Thorough to-and-fro discussions help in understanding the needs better and coming up with a work plan
- First Interface design and wireframe bring up help in getting the feel of the product to be
- Experienced team with innovative ideas works with you to get your product's first prototype ready
- We help you get the first prototype ready in short span of time and with in reasonable budget