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Fast Prototyping

Prototyping is the first step of bringing an idea to life. While the idea is lying in the conception and planning phase there are lot of "what if" that either remain unanswered or they dont surface up at all. During the phase of prototyping the idea, for the first time, faces the real challenges of implementation. Its during this phase that lot of issues that were earlier not thought of, surface up. Those issues which were earlier obvious may get settled easily while some may take a totally different shape. Working on these "teething issues", lets you more insight on the real possibility and practicality of acutally going full steam ahead with that idea. Some very obvious benifits of creating a prototype are :

Feasibility analysis of idea

While there is lot of analysis that goes in when the idea is actually thought of, there is still plenty of scope to re-examine it on step by step basis. Protyping stage brings those technical and practical issues on surface which might have gone unnoticed earlier at planning phase. To put it simply, its one thing to actually have a bright idea and totally different to execute it to perfection to see it live.

Feature Analysis

While the idea remains with you, there is a limited set of people aware of it and a limited possibility to actually doing back and forth on the functional aspects of the future product to be. With prototype developed, while some of the features initially planned take shape the other are present as place holders. At this stage it becomes easier to analyze which features would be of maximum business value and which may not be so mportant going ahead.

Cost and timeline prediction

Prototype is simply a product in making. The initial development cycle cost and time invested gives out fair assessment of work involved in fully functional product. It helps you plan better on your product features. At this stage you can assess which features to go ahead with while which may take back seat. Simply put, you can prioritize your development cycle based on initial development.

Basis for investment

Its true that idea will always remain the backbone of the product and will determine the success of it, but if you are looking for someone else to invest in your product, probably it may not be just sufficient to have an idea. Support your product's business plan with initial prototype. Watching something in motion and working induces lot of confidence and also tells how confident you are about your idea.

Where do we come into picture

"Time to market" is a term which will find its place in early pages of any business plan. While we all know the significance of having a prototype developed, we all also agree that such a prototype should come ASAP - and with in reasonable cost. This is where our team comes in.

Fast development in less time

With abundant experience in first prototype development, we come accross as someone who will focus to understand your needs and work with you on your plan. We value your time and in as 6 week time frame you would start seeing your product's protoype taking shape and in motion. Depending on the complexity of features and products requirements, the work would be broken in small steps so that you have your prototype ready before ASAP !

Low costing

Our focus is to pack a punch in your idea's prototype. We see ourselves as your team and believe in the strength of your idea. We see prototype development more as a relationship starter rather than make money opportunity. If you would be satisfied with our work, you will choose us for full development also. Thats why we normally place low pricing model for prototyping - a cost which makes business sense for us and which brings business value for you.
UI Design

Even the best of the products need a friendly interface and easy to use design. How the product interfaces sometimes determine its success and failure. This is where we come into picture. We at ServeSilicon, help you in creating the right UI for your application. Well to simply say, if you have the core algorithm developed we can create the right user interface for you. This option is a blessing for those core-technical entrepreneurs who are looking for a team who can develop the right interface for their product.

Interface Designing

The first step is to propose an interface design. The focus is on the over all usability of the application - and to look good ! After an iteration of design samples our team will work with you to get the usability aspect right for your application design.


Once the basic design is complete we work to deliver out wire frames for the application. Working on all the aspects and modes and coming up with exhaustive wire frames for each functionality, makes sure that we understand your needs correctly. This is also a cycle which strengthens the various functionality aspects of the design.

UI development

Once the design and wire frames cycles are over, the development cycle starts. Depending on product requirements a technology is chosen. The ddevelopment cycle is broken into milestones and at each milestone we do an alignment check to make sure that the development is occuring in the right direction.

User experience

The very idea of spending time and effort on interface development is to make end user experience smooth and easy. To achive it the client side technologies are used - JQuery / AJAX / Javascript . The application is designed in such a way that it has a theme to it. Even error messaging should be handled in such a manner that end prduct should look professional and should be user friendly. Our design and development team always keep a constant touch with you and make sure that in the end you get what you want.
Smartphone App Development

With golbal trends indicating a sharp increase in Smartphones sales, the market for mobile application has risen to a different level over last few years. While its a good sign for ISVs targeting the mobile application space it also means that there a steep increase in competition. We at ServeSilicon help you design and develop interactive and user friendly mobile applications.

Android as platform

Out of several platforms available we bring our focus and expertize in Android-based devices. We develop new applications in JAVA for Android on any platform - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Apart from developing new applications we also port and optimize libraries for different targets. From doing the initial design and development to full stress testing and performance testing we provide complete solution services.
Website Design and Development

We believe that website is not just an e-presence but a reflection of what the business/portal has to offer. We take care that before moving ahead to development we fully understand your need and understand the perspective with which the site has to be developed.

Webpage designing

The first impression of your site might drive your user either onto the other pages of the site or it might drive them out of the site. We take care that we provide an appealing design which is not just visually soothing but also is not so much heavy that it slows down the page loading. We work with you to bring out the final shape of the web design.

Site development

To make your site alive and bring user experience we work with a balanced mix of usage of client side scripting ( using JQuery/AJAX etc ) and server side programming. Depending on your requirement we offer solution that best meets your needs and with in a reasonable cost.

Reasonable Costing

We understand that as an individual software vendor or entrepreneur, you would a little tight on fund. We provide website development end-to-end solutions within a reasonable cost. We look it as a more of a business relationship development than just a business. To get in touch for site development mail us at servesilicon@servesilicon.com