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The mode of shopping has changed with the evolving times. The internet has slowly occupied a large portion of our lives and many of our activities have gone online. Shopping too has started to shift to the online medium and e-commerce sites are becoming more and more popular. E-commerce websites simplify the shopping process and increase your revenues. However for that to happen, your website development should be up to the mark. Here are some things we keep in mind when we develop ecommerce solutions :

Powerful first impressions

The moment a visitor lands on your site, their attention must be adequately captured so that the visitor becomes a customer. For that adequate information should be provided, and with it there should be other pictorial inputs to further attract their attention. The first page needs to be attractive enough so that the visitor does not navigate away from the page.

Quick loading of page

In the bid to make your landing page attractive we take care not to incorporate too many elements in it so that it becomes slow. Online shoppers have little patience and if they find that the page is taking too long to load, they would simply leave and go to another similar site.

Easy navigation

The web development should be done in such a way that the site does not look chaotic. All the information should be arranged in a proper format. Navigation needs to be simplified, and categorized according to the different products and services you have to offer. An easy navigation would influence the visitor to browse through your site thereby increasing the chances of purchase.

Interactive platform

A key point is to include interactive features in your web development which allows your customers to leave comments or ask queries about your products or services. There should also be enough contact information so that they even have the opportunity to give you feedback or file a complaint.

Easy payment mode

Once the customer has decided on a purchase it is necessary to make the payment process as quick and simple as possible. There should be ample options for the mode of payment to choose from to best suit their needs. With the vast amount of payment options available for online transactions, this should not be a difficult task. There is the PayPal service, credit card option, and other options as well. The more options the site provides, the more opportunities are created for a successful transaction.
eBusiness Portals

The "e" dimension to business does not necessarily mean that you have a e-commerce requirement. While major good practices are still applicable to e-business portals, the perspective of developing a business portal is different from a standard e-commerce solution.

We at ServeSilicon understand your need and analyze on the target segment of customer. Based on the analysis the strategy is formulated to come up with a site structure that best suits for your business and is easy to navigate for your customers. You may require the site to simply be a web application to manage content or it may be an application to store lot of data such as videos, music etc. The revenue model not necessarily has to come directly from e-payments on the site. You might target advertisements or may opt for payments done offline. Inspite of no requirement of a payment on the site, the site is still a business model and has a concrete revenue model in place.

After understanding the needs of the site we design and develop the site so that it best suits you business needs.
Charts/Data Plotting

With the outburst of internet there has been an outburst of data-to-be-managed as well. There is so much data and content that needs to be managed, stored and produced on demand.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words - it couldnt suit better in case of data representation. No matter in how sophisticated manner you want to write lines of data on your slides, it doesnt even come close to smart chart plotting and presenting it in a format that speaks for itself.

We have expertize in data presentation latest tools that enable the data to be presentend in crisp filtered format. From various modes of charts to various drill downs, we provide a business intelligence solution that saves your time and makes your analyzing faster, easier and accurate.
Social Game Dev

With a boom in social networking portals it was only matter of time that multiplayer gaming would find another way of approaching its users.

We have epxtertize in developing in single player and multiplayer game development - for both pc world and Android platforms. We understand the needs and dynamics of a multiplayer gaming setup. From room seperation to table management we make sure that user gets the maximum performace and smooth experience.

From game interface design to managing your game servers we provide a complete solution for your requirements. We understand the requirements of the game play and come up with an algorithm that has primary focus on performance and security.

We offer interface design in Flash/Android animations/ other standard formats, so that you can choose the best option that suits to your business needs.